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Release Notes

! [Theme Packs] Added media css files for Responsive Design.
! [SQL] Creates table #__icagenda_customfields database to prepare future Custom Fields System.

+ Added : Options to show/hide the fields in Event Submission Form.
+ Added : Option "Contact's email" in Admin notification mailing list for registrations.
+ Added : Filter by Upcoming/Past/Today events (Admin Events List).
+ Added : Filter by event (Admin Registrations List).
+ [MODULE iC Calendar] Added : Multi-selection of categories.
+ [MODULE iC Calendar] Added : Option to select a default font color for calendar.
+ [SQL] Added : 'metadesc' field to store an event meta-description (if not set, uses the new function to generate a short meta-description based on full description (limited to 160 characters to give the best SEO performance).
+ [SQL] Added : 'custom_fields' field to store data from custom fields (not yet available).

~ [Theme Pack] DEFAULT : major changes in event details view (default_event.php) and list view (default_events.php) by removing table tags, and using div to display content. Many class names changed with a leading prefix 'ic-' added to prevent possible conflict of naming with site templates css files.
~ Updated : iCalcreator updated from v2.16.12 to v2.18 (Add to iCal and Outlook).
~ Changed : limited length for url when adding an event to Yahoo and Google calendar (to prevent errors).
~ Changed : Updating preview of event image in edit admin when mouseover preview link.
~ Changed : Removal of the 404 block in order to prevent double display of an error page (depending of the site template used).
~ [SEO] Changed and enhanced : meta title and description are improved, better filtering, and give the best possible SEO performance.
~ [PRO][MODULE iC Event List] Changed : Using user timezone or if not set, Joomla server time zone, to set today time.
# [HIGH] Security : Fixed access to registration form when an event is unpublished or finished (prevents spamming).
# [MEDIUM] Fixed : conflict with module login, when a user log-in or log-out on the event details view, if 'add to cal' activated (loading iCal/outlook .ics file).
# [MEDIUM] Fixed : redirect to login page if user has no access to registration form and event details page (if direct visit to this page).
# [LOW] Fixed : not sending if missing space after comma, in custom list of emails for notification email.
# [LOW] Fixed : add to outlook calendar if no end date.
# [LOW] Fixed : Error introduced in a previous version with 'add to cal' function, concerning Windows live and yahoo calendars (url broken).
# [LOW] Fixed : Error to get show_page_heading from menu, when not set.
# [LOW] Fixed : conflict of 'date' variable between event details view and calendar (renamed 'iccaldate' in calendar).
# [LOW] Fixed : Error in setting next date if only one date (and/or only sunday) selected as weekday (period events).
#  Many minor bugs fixed, and many code improvement.

Changed files in 3.3.0

~ admin/config.xml
~ admin/models/category.php
~ admin/models/event.php
~ admin/models/events.php
~ admin/models/forms/event.xml
~ admin/models/mail.php
~ admin/models/registrations.php
~ admin/sql/install.mysql.utf8.sql
~ admin/sql/uninstall.mysql.utf8.sql
~ admin/tables/event.php
~ admin/views/categories/tmpl/default.php
~ admin/views/event/tmpl/edit.php
~ admin/views/events/tmpl/default.php
~ admin/views/events/view.html.php
~ admin/views/icagenda/tmpl/default.php
~ admin/views/info/tmpl/default.php
~ admin/views/registrations/tmpl/default.php
~ admin/views/registrations/view.html.php
~ [MODULE][PRO] modules/mod_ic_event_list/mod_ic_event_list.php
~ [MODULE][PRO] modules/mod_ic_event_list/mod_ic_event_list.xml
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/helper.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/mod_iccalendar.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/mod_iccalendar.xml
~ script.icagenda.php
~ site/add/css/icagenda.css
~ site/add/css/style.css
~ site/add/elements/icsetvar.php
~ site/helpers/iCalcreator.class.php
~ site/helpers/ichelper.php
~ site/helpers/iCicons.class.php
~ site/helpers/icmodel.php
+ site/helpers/media_css.class.php
~ site/models/list.php
~ site/models/submit.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_component.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_component_large.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_component_medium.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_component_small.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_component_xsmall.css
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_module.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_module_large.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_module_medium.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_module_small.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_module_xsmall.css
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/default_event.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/default_events.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_component.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_component_large.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_component_medium.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_component_small.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_component_xsmall.css
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_module.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_module_large.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_module_medium.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_module_small.css
+ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_module_xsmall.css
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/ic_rounded_event.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/ic_rounded_events.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/default.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/default.xml
~ site/views/list/tmpl/default_vcal.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/event.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/registration.php
~ site/views/submit/tmpl/default.php
~ site/views/submit/view.html.php
+ SQL : Adding 'metadesc' column to table #__icagenda_events
+ SQL : Adding 'custom_fields' column to table #__icagenda_registration
+ SQL : Create table #__icagenda_customfields

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