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  iCagenda 3.7.1 (2018.05.28)

  • +
    Added : option to set Gravatar consent on Registration form: 'Auto' (as for 3.7.0, if list of participants is enabled), 'Require Explicite Consent' (even if list of participants hidden), 'Disabled' (not ask for consent, but never use Gravatar to show avatar. Future options will be developed for 'Avatar', to enable upload or other avatar system integration like Community Builder).
  • #
    [LOW] Fixed PHP 7.2 : count returns php warning when no registration (if Error Reporting is enabled. Don't forget to keep this Joomla configuration option turn off or on default when site is in production).
  • #
    [PLUGIN][SEARCH][LOW] Fixed : global search in private events not returning results even if user logged-in with access permissions.
  • Changed files in 3.7.1

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    [PLUGIN][SEARCH] plugins/search/icagenda/icagenda.php
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    [PLUGIN][SEARCH] plugins/search/icagenda/icagenda.xml
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