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Privacy Consent

New options were introduced in iCagenda 3.7 to integrate some privacy data consent checkboxes.


Global options for Registration form

You will find privacy options for registration form in "Global Options" component > "Registration" tab


consent personal data



Name Visibility

The default setting for who can see participant name on site frontend.

If set on 'Anonymous', the checkbox will not be displayed on frontend, and only administrators and organisers will be allowed to view participant name.


Name Consent

Require explicit consent from participant (opt-in option in form) or force name visibility as set for 'Name Visibility' option.

Warning: If you force name visibility, and you have EU citizen participants, ensure that each participant has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for this specific purpose.
View GDPR REGULATION (EU) 2016/679.
If you don't know about it and/or you don't understand this, set the above option on 'Require Explicit Consent'.


Gravatar Consent

Require explicit consent from participant (opt-in option in form) to connect with and display the avatar image.

If set on 'Auto', and if you show the 'List of Participants' with avatar display on site frontend, a checkbox will be displayed in registration form to require an explicit consent to connect with Gravatar service.

Note: option to set Gravatar Consent was added in 3.7.1


Consent to Organiser

When registering for the event, the user information entered is provided to the event organiser so they can manage the event and use user email address to send updates?

I yes, so enable this option to request and store this consent.


Consents Storage

All consents are stored in a separated database table #__icagenda_user_actions as required by GDPR REGULATION (EU) 2016/679.

Registration consents (when enabled) :

  • Name (action = 'consent_name_public' or 'consent_name_users')
  • Gravatar (action = 'consent_gravatar')
  • Consent to Organiser (action = 'consent_organiser')
  • Terms & Conditions (action = 'consent_terms')

 Submit an Event consent (when enabled) :

  • Terms of Service (action = 'consent')


Upcoming Functionnalities

We have released 3.7.0 to provide you the needed privacy tools and data processing to comply with the GDPR Regulation.

We are working on new features and functionnalities to integrate some useful tools to view and check consents, and to integrate some tasks to make your users requests easier to manage.
Check frenquently the Roadmap for new status: View roadmap



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