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Release Notes

! [MODULE iC Calendar] Disabling by default the function detecting the visitor time zone in module calendar, in order to highlight 'today'. This script function was giving some issue depending of your server, settings, and joomla version. You can now find an option in parameters of the module calendar, where you can use the visitor time zone to set 'today' highlight. If option 'Beta 1 - Visitor Time Zone' selected, when a new visitor comes to your website, it sets a variable containing his time zone in session cookies (so could slow a little when first visit of this user, as it reloads the page one time). And it keeps this information in browser cookies. If option 'Beta 2 - Visitor Time Zone' selected, retrieves the time zone of the visitor each time a page with a calendar module is loaded. If you encounter an error or problem during loading of a page where a module calendar is displayed, select 'Joomla - Server Time Zone' to use the global configuration Time Zone set for your website, and clean your cookies. A better and more advanced solution will be developped to set the detection of visitor time zone.
~ Minor enhancements and corrections in code.
~ [iCicons] Update of iCagenda iCicons font.
# [LOW][MODULE iC Event List][PRO] Fixed : Issue on joomla 2.5 with option 'All' in multi-select of categories resulting in an empty list.
# [LOW] Fixed : missing strip_tags in event.php tmpl view file.

Changed files in 3.2.12

~ [FOLDER][iCicons] media/icicons
+ media/js/detect_timezone.js
+ media/js/jquery.detect_timezone.js
~ [MODULE][PRO] modules/mod_ic_event_list/mod_ic_event_list.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/helper.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/mod_iccalendar.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/mod_iccalendar.xml
~ script.icagenda.php
~ site/helpers/icmodel.php
~ site/models/forms/submit.xml
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_component.css
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/default_registration.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_component.css

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