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Release Notes

+ Added : Global options to show/hide information in list of events (venue's name, city, country, short description).
+ Added : Global options to show/hide day, month and/or year in date box of the list of events.
+ Added : Global option to set HTML filtering in Short Description (All italicized, No HTML or Authorized tags: <br />, <b>, <strong>, <i>, <em>, <u>).
+ Added : Global option to set first day of the week (used when list of weekdays is displayed).
+ [MODULE iC Calendar] Added : Options to select a background color for days with only one event or more than one event.
+ [MODULE iC Calendar] Added : HTML Filtering Option for Short Description in tooltip.

~ Changed : redirect to login page if user has no access to submission form or is not logged-in.
~ [THEME PACKS] Changed : display order of Venue's name, city and country in tooltip of the calendar (now on the same line).
~ [THEME PACKS][ic_rounded] Changed class names for day, month and year in date box.
- [THEME PACKS] Removed, module iC calendar : <i> tags for short description in tooltip.
# [MEDIUM] Fixed : Duplicate display of alert message, and not display of event details, if event not approved, and user logged-in with approval permissions.
# [MODULE iC Calendar][LOW] Fixed : Not displaying events in module calendar on Joomla 2.5, if all categories selected.

Changed files in 3.3.1

~ admin/config.xml
~ admin/models/registrations.php
~ admin/views/icagenda/tmpl/default.php
~ admin/views/info/tmpl/default.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/helper.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/mod_iccalendar.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/mod_iccalendar.xml
~ site/add/elements/icsetvar.php
~ site/helpers/icmodel.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_component.css
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_module.css
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/default_day.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/default_events.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_component.css
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/css/ic_rounded_module.css
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/ic_rounded_day.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/ic_rounded/ic_rounded_events.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/default.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/event.php
~ site/views/list/view.html.php
~ site/views/submit/tmpl/default.php

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