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Release Notes

! Joomla 3.3 Ready! This version has been tested on 3.3.0 rc, and a few improvements has been done to run well on the new Joomla 3.3 available soon !
+ Added : Displays 'Home Page' and 'Submit a New Event' buttons, after validation of the event submission form, if user is logged in (was only displayed when user not logged in).
+ Added : Show 'Registration Options' in frontend submission form, only if registration is activated in global options.
~ Changed : Hide User ID when logged-in in registration form (was visible only for registered user).
~ Changed : no more 'onload' to initialize Google Maps (could prevent onload conflict with other extensions).
# [MEDIUM][Joomla 3.2.x & 3.3-beta] Fixed : in the frontend submission form, when user logged-in, 'disabled' changed to 'readonly' for user name and email, as it will not be submitted on a Joomla 3.3 website, and was giving the bug of double-click-needed on the submit button on J3.2.
# [MEDIUM][Joomla 2.5] Fixed : Global Options BUG with options not accessible -> Not correct path for js files in admin (after change of location for the scripts files in 3.3.3), on Joomla 2.5.
# [LOW] Fixed : Possible missing close div in submission form, if registration not displayed.
# [LOW][MODULE Calendar] Fixed : time was displayed even if the option to show time in event edition was disabled. Control missing in default theme pack.

Changed files in 3.3.4

~ admin/add/elements/desc.php
~ admin/add/elements/title.php
~ admin/icagenda.php
- admin/models/fields/modal/time.php
~ admin/models/forms/event.xml
~ admin/views/event/tmpl/edit.php
~ admin/views/icagenda/tmpl/default.php
~ admin/views/icagenda/view.html.php
~ script.icagenda.php
~ site/helpers/icmodel.php
~ site/models/submit.php
~ [THEME PACKS] site/themes/packs/default/default_day.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/registration.php
~ site/views/submit/tmpl/default.php
~ site/views/submit/tmpl/send.php
~ site/views/submit/view.html.php
+ media/js/jquery.noconflict.js

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