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Release Notes 3.3.6

+ Added : Option for Intro Text : hide, the short description (generated from full description) or the meta description (Global Options of the component, and options of the modules).
+ [GLOBALIZATION] Added : tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) date formats.
+ [MODULE Calendar] Added : ID is added next to title of the menu, in option to select 'link to menu'.
+ [PRO] Added : Option to set minimum release stability for update notifications. (PRO OPTIONS tab in global options of iCagenda Pro)
~ [Optimization] : SQL request filtering improved in order to fix an issue, and speed up loading (more optimization to come concerning speed of page loading).
~ Changed : Division of the events tab in the global configuration into 2 tabs : Events (list of events options) and Event (details view options).
~ Changed : Updated addthis script (v300).
# [Optimization] Fixed : the list model was running the loading of data twice, and with this issue fixed the execution time for displaying a list is now halved (Thanks doorknob!).
# [HIGH]Fixed : Access to registration form if not registration not activated in options.
# [LOW] Fixed : (only on Joomla 2.5) wrong display of print page if 'All Dates for each event' is selected in menu option.
# [LOW][MODULE Calendar][JS] Fixed : It was correctly deleting and adding the class style_Today but not the reverse for style_Day (by doorknob).
# [LOW]Fixed : Issue with Turkish language in admin events list (due to setlocale function, not used anymore).
# [LOW]Fixed : wrong closing select tags in 2 fields of the registration form.
# [LOW]Fixed : missing div tag in registration form.


Changed files in 3.3.6

~ admin/config.xml
~ admin/globalization/iso.php
+ admin/globalization/tr-TR.php
~ admin/models/fields/modal/menulink.php
~ admin/views/events/tmpl/default.php
~ admin/views/events/view.html.php
~ media/scripts/icthumb.php
~ [MODULE][PRO] modules/mod_ic_event_list/helper.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/helper.php
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/js/jQuery.highlightToday.js
~ [MODULE] modules/mod_iccalendar/js/jQuery.highlightToday.min.js
~ site/add/elements/icsetvar.php
~ site/helpers/ichelper.php
~ site/helpers/icmodel.php
~ site/models/list.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/default.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/event.php
~ site/views/list/tmpl/registration.php
~ site/views/list/view.html.php

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