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  iCagenda 3.5.19 (2016.06.30)

  • !
    Since June 22, 2016, Google Maps API no longer support keyless access.
  • Active domains created before June 22, 2016, continue to be able to access the Google Maps JavaScript API, Static Maps API, and Street View Image API without an API key. They are not affected by keyless access being unavailable for new domains.
  • However it is advised to use a key in order to guarantee the quality of service.
  • +
    Added : Option to set Google Maps browser API key (Global Options > General Settings).
  • #
    [LOW] Fixed : Error sql 00000 in event edition and registration form on PDO sql server.
  • #
    [LOW] Fixed : error page not found if sh404sef extension installed.
  • #
    [LOW][THEME PACK default] Fixed : size of Date Box conteneur when a site template declares a 'box-sizing: border-box' style to all div.
  • Changed files in 3.5.19

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    [THEME PACK] site/themes/packs/default/css/default_component.css

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