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iCagenda 3.8.23 - Bug Fix Release

We found an issue in version 3.8.22 where the custom fields in an event registration are not linked to the registration itself.

If you do not use custom fields in the registration form, you are not affected by the bug in version 3.8.22.


About the custom fields bug:

When fixing a deprecated warning message on PHP 8.2 for custom fields, iCagenda 3.8.22 introduced an annoying issue in storing data correctly.
It is possible that you did not have this bug depending on your version of PHP and/or Joomla (bug confirmed on J4 and J5 with PHP8).

Custom fields on the registration form are not linked to the registration ID (parent_id) in database table #__icagenda_customfields_data.
This bug only affects custom fields of event registrations processed with version 3.8.22 of iCagenda.

The data is stored, but unfortunately it is impossible to know which record it is linked to.

As a result, you don't see custom fields or term validation for the buggy record.


How do I fix custom fields for registrations processed with version 3.8.22?

  1. Check if any registrations were processed where custom fields were expected:

  2. Fix Custom Fields in database:

    In this example, you have 2 custom fields for registration form: test_cf_2 and test_cf_reg.

    Edit each row to set the correct parent_id value.

    Elements with id 137 and 138 are then linked to registration with id 333.

    And elements with id 139 and 140 are linked to registration with id 334.

  3. Fix Terms consents in database:

    There, we have set only one consent (Terms and conditions).
    Note: you can have more consents per registration, like Gravatar for example.

    For each consent, set the correct parent_id value.

    Consent with id 680 is then linked to registration with id 333.

    And Consent with id 681 is linked to registration with id 334.

If you need help or have questions about this issue:

Even though this version has been tested by several users, we have not noticed this problem.

This bug is the first significant one in 11 years of iCagenda and we hope it will be the last to require manual intervention on your part.

I apologize for any inconvenience related to this issue.
The new roadmap and release tracker that I am currently preparing for next year can improve the workflow and avoid this situation in the future. We learn from our mistakes and that makes us more efficient!

iCagenda developer.





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