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What's new in iCagenda 3.8?


Joomla 4 Ready!

Install/Update on Joomla 3 as well as on Joomla 4.
It's a cross-platform version.

iCagenda 3.8 new 1



Frontend Edition PRO

Edit your events in frontend.
Set ACL permissions to allow access to the Edit button.

iCagenda 3.8 new 2



Registration Cancellation

Allow your users to cancel their registrations.
Available for logged-in user registered with their Joomla account.

iCagenda 3.8 new 3



PayPal Plugin PRO

Integrate PayPal as payment for event tickets.
Sandbox mode for testing and Live mode to go to production when you're ready!

iCagenda 3.8 new 4



New Router

Remove Event IDs from URLs.
Translated layout segments feature for registration, complete, event edit, cancel, submitted and actions.

iCagenda 3.8 new 5



Versioning (J4) PRO

Automatically save old versions of a Category or an Event.
When editing, you may restore from a previous version of the item.

iCagenda 3.8 new 6




New map service OSM using Leaflet.js library and Nominatim for search results.
Free open source map with no account required.

iCagenda 3.8 new 7




Many files and code changed!

iCagenda 3.8 new 8



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